Join Us Right Here on Sunday, August 2

  • 10am Livestream Worship Service

    Join us right here for worship, or join us together on Facebook here

While We Worship

We encourage you to close out any distractions so you can engage fully in worship, as if you were here in the church building with us. Take time to prayerfully engage with the songs and the message.

FYI you will see a few minutes of announcement images before the service starts, the same as are on the projector in the sanctuary.

If you can't hear any sound, find the volume icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

You can simply click play above to join in the worship, but we also encourage you to join us and watch together on Facebook, where you can comment and fellowship together.

If you have any technical issues, call or email Jeremy Penner.

COVID-19 Update – July 2

Connecting Online – Now More Than Ever!

Our "hub" page has many new video series and other ways to connect with the church family


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Korean Fellowship
한국어 예배

Meeting to worship in the Korean language, every Wednesday at 7:30pm. View our livestream!

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