Online Payments/Donations

We accept online donations/payments via e-transfer only.

  1. Login to your personal online banking website
  2. Select e-transfer
  3. Enter the following information for the destination (this must be entered exactly as shown below)

Recipient name: Portage Avenue Church

Email Address: [email protected]

No passwords needed

We now have autodeposit, so no e-transfer password is needed.

Designate your donation/payment

You can designate your donation in the etransfer comments, or using the form on this page. If no designation is made then it will be assigned to our general budget.

Each gift designated toward an approved program will be used as designated with the understanding that when any given need has been
met the designated gift will be used where needed most.

Tax Receipts

Please note that official tax receipts for all eligible donations are sent out via post in February. You may be contacted via email for your address information in order to facilitate the mailing of your receipt.

If you have not donated to us before, please fill out this form in addition to your e-transfer, so that we have all your information.

Thank You!